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In Our Church Service: Service Times We follow the liturgies offered in the Lutheran Service Book.  Traditional organ music accompanies the congregation in the chanted portions of the liturgy and the hymns. The rich heritage of this service, combined with…

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  Church Service Times Sunday, Divine Service, 9:30 AM Adult Bible Study, 11:00 AM Sunday School, 11:00 AM Monday – Thursday Office of Matins, 8:30 AM Festival and Special Services Advent Mid-week Services Wednesday Vespers, 7:00 PM Christmas Eve Candlelight…

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What We Believe, Teach, & Confess: St. Matthew Lutheran Church believes that the Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God and is a record of true events that happened in a real time and in a real place. We…

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Rev. Dr. Gregory Schulz
Concordia University Wisconsin


Rev. Simeon Cornwell
St. Matthew Lutheran Church


Dr. Andrew Cureton
Family Medicine Physician

End-of-Life Decisions Seminar

Presented March 26, 2022 - Recording Available

Suffering and death are a consequence of the fall into sin (Gen 3:19). Jesus meets death and grief head on and transforms it by His own death, burial and resurrection, thus giving us life.

Yet, the decisions which our increasing medical technology demand at the end of life can confuse
Christians seeking to be faithful to their Lord. This seminar will examine the spiritual, medical and practical issues facing the dying and their loved ones who often have to make difficult choices.

Rev. Dr. Schulz, author of The Problem of Suffering, will speak about the challenges suffering any form of loss brings, linking it closely to the suffering Savior. He speaks as a Christian father, sharing the very personal, difficult struggle of dealing with years of pain, suffering, and questions.

Rev. Cornwell will reflect on what the last days of a Christian’s life look like by walking through various rites for the Christian process of death. On this journey from the deathbed through the cemetery he will lead us to see how these rites work to provide the comfort of Christ not only to those dying, but even to the families that remain.

The last speaker, Dr. Andrew Cureton, will explain some of the medical treatment options and terminology that patients may face in trying to determine what, if any, course of treatment may be followed.


We preach Christ and Him crucified.

1 Corinthians 1:23a